Through a spiritual and intuitive framework,
I provide guidance and support to people during times of
transition or challenge.
-Elaine Huang, Owner & Spiritual Teacher


Elaine Huang is the owner and spiritual teacher for Embodiment of Freedom, Inc. (EOF). As a spiritual teacher, Elaine provides intuitive and spiritually based guidance to individuals within both private and group settings. People who seek assistance from EOF want greater contentment and freer self-expression in their personal lives. They are often seeking lasting spiritual peace and fulfillment.

EOF offers classes and retreats that are designed to encourage spiritual awakening or enlightenment. Included in these group formats are ways to incorporate uncomplicated, yet potent, spiritual approaches that can profoundly improve one’s relationship with everyday life situations.

EOF’s focus is to help people embody freedom in two primary ways: through shaping a life that expresses their genuine aspirations and through the ultimate freedom of spiritual awakening. EOF specializes in assisting people to recognize their true nature as well as understand and integrate the freedom that awakening potentially brings.

Our sincere hope is that greater numbers of people will be happier in their lives, have the courage to be their genuine selves, and discover through grace the ultimate truth of who they are.

EOF specializes in assisting people to recognize their true nature
as well as understand and integrate the freedom
that spiritual awakening can bring.


Elaine Huang, Owner & Spiritual Teacher

Upon graduating from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in finance, I began a five year management and buying career in retail. During those years, I worked and lived in Houston, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.

My career in the helping profession began in 1992. I have a master’s degree in social work from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Until 1998, I provided counseling for individuals and couples as a psychotherapist. I also offered short-term therapy, led meditation groups and classes in several corporate settings (AT&T, Bank of America, and Harris Trust and Savings) while in Chicago.

Since 1999, I have offered spiritual support and intuitive guidance as a spiritual teacher in Bozeman, MT. My intuitive abilities strengthened as a result of intensive yoga and meditation practices that began in the late ‘80’s. By incorporating my intuition while assisting people during a session, I am able to uncover core matters quickly and
work succinctly in addressing troubling issues. Simply put, we are able to take care of a lot of business within
one appointment.

My spiritual biography consists of 28 years of meditation practice that includes: years of daily sitting practice, retreats and private mentoring with both traditional and contemporary meditation teachers. I have completed a three-month meditation retreat (at home) as well as a silent year-long meditation retreat in 2006 (conducted in various settings). Though I’d had numerous initial glimpses of our true nature before my year in meditation, it was in this year that I had a dramatic, transformative, spiritual experience of self-recognition (or spiritual awakening). The integration and stabilization (or embodiment process) of that seeing continues. During the years of long daily yoga and meditation practices, I also had a life changing kundalini opening in 1994.

All my life, I have been drawn towards God, the Divine, or to the unseen yet pervasive presence of love. The desires to know God and to help lighten the suffering in others’ hearts have been the central guiding themes in my life. From my personal and professional experience, a person’s spiritual life, regardless of the path, is a vital and foundational part of the search for healing, wholeness, and lasting contentment. I have been deeply inspired and greatly fulfilled in helping others find freedom and happiness in both their personal and spiritual journeys.

People who seek my assistance want greater contentment
and freer self-expression in their personal lives.
-Elaine Huang, Owner & Spiritual Teacher

Private Sessions

Individual meetings are available in person or over the phone. Because I am able to intuitively sense the movements occurring in a person’s internal and external life, I provide clarity and insightful direction to people in times of growth, transition, or challenge.

Private sessions may also be used to enrich one’s inquiry into the self or facilitate one’s search for ultimate freedom. EOF specializes in assisting people to recognize their true nature as well as understand and embody the freedom that awakening can bring. I am available as a support to guide people through the different phases of spiritual enlightenment.

For new clients, a completed intake form is required prior to a private session with EOF’s spiritual teacher, Elaine. Please fill out the downloadable intake form, and mail to the office. Its receipt is needed at least two days before your scheduled appointment.

Scheduling Info
Appointments are available M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Session Rates
30 minutes = $75
45 minutes = $105
60 minutes = $125
75 minutes = $156
90 minutes = $187
120 minutes = $250


Classes are designed to promote and nourish the awakening process. They contain verbal or experiential pointers towards one’s true nature. Classes include instruction on simple yet far reaching spiritual approaches that can be practiced in one’s daily life. They are also meant to inspire faith and hope within attendees even while in the midst of the challenges that life can bring.

New listings for class offerings will be posted here as well as mentioned on EOF’s office voice mail. You may also receive class notifications via email. If interested, please inquire about being added to the email class and retreat notification list by calling the office.

Upcoming Offerings

The Peace of Being  - Your Natural State at the Bozeman Dharma Center The Peace of Being - Your Natural State
Bozeman Dharma Center
1019 East Main Street, Suite 202
Bozeman, MT 59715  
May 12 • 2018, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Topic To Be Announced  
Oct 20 • 2018

Nov 3 • 2018


Local non-residential day long and weekend long retreats are in the planning stages. The retreat format will be composed of meditation sitting time and talks related to spiritual awakening. These retreat intensives will be designed to support awakening but will also offer benefit and have practical relevance for everyday living. Retreat information will be posted here and mentioned on EOF’s office voice mail. You may also receive retreat notifications via email. Please inquire about getting on the email class and retreat notification list if you are interested.


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