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"People who seek my assistance want practices & skills that lead to an enduring sense of peace, happiness and well-being."
– Elaine Huang, MSW, MA

Private Sessions

Sessions are currently available virtually or over the phone.

With my ability to intuitively sense the movements occurring within a person’s internal and external life, I offer clear and insightful direction to people in times of growth, transition, or challenge.

Private sessions may also be used to enrich one’s mindfulness or compassion practices. Further, they can be used to skillfully work with obstructions to being fully present, or used to ask questions that help to deepen spiritual understanding. EOF helps people use arising life situations as opportunities to practice applying highly effective psychospiritual tools.

For new clients, a completed intake form is required prior to a private session with EOF’s teacher, Elaine. The form is now fillable from any device. Its receipt is needed at least three days before your scheduled appointment.

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Appointments are available M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm.

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*For a shared session, please add $25

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Initial Consultation Rates
(60 minute minimum)
60 minutes = $175
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75 minutes = $215
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90 minutes = $260
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120 minutes = $345
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Follow-Up Session Rates
(Effective Oct. 1, 2021)
30 minutes = $90
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45 minutes = $125
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60 minutes = $150*
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75 minutes = $185*
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90 minutes = $225*
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120 minutes = $290*
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“Elaine is astonishingly intuitive and able to tap into the deeper levels of specific situations, our emotional and mental patterns, and our innate gifts. She comes loaded with a vast toolbox of psychotherapy and spiritual techniques that help you spend more of your daily life operating from your parasympathetic nervous system and higher levels of consciousness. You can feel how deeply she cares about you, to top it all off. If you want to grow and improve your life, I highly recommend having Elaine on your team.”

Erica M, Ongoing Client

"Healing childhood trauma and the ability to navigate from one's authentic self requires the guidance of an extraordinary teacher such as Elaine Huang. Whether your journey with her is a brief connection or twenty years of service; Elaine's compassion and insight has the ability to truly heal both the individual and the collective.

I highly recommend experiencing an individual session and group workshop with Elaine. Both provide a powerful opportunity to explore one's spiritual journey. She is a master at planting seeds of hope and possibility for humankind"

Becki Cook

May you awaken and be free.

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