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As a Word & Life & Friends guest speaker, Elaine presented “What is Your Role in the Current Global Shift” on 12/8/20. In this inspiring talk, Elaine highlights important ways that people on the spiritual path can powerfully contribute to the current global shift.

Elaine was a guest on “The Good” podcast with Theresa Gabrielle. She talks about the greatest source of peace, impermanence, how to tend to mind chatter, and guides us through a 10 minute meditation at the end. This episode is also available on Apple Podcasts and at theresagabrielle.com.

In the second recording, Elaine explains the practice of meditation, describes the many benefits it can provide, and dispels some common misperceptions about the practice.

Get a glimpse of what Elaine has to offer through her teaching and learn more about Elaine's background and what brought her to the practice of meditation.

“Spirituality and Addiction” Webinar hosted by Recovery Elevator on 4/6/2020. In this recording, Elaine offers tools that help people easily access the peace that's always here.

In Distinctly Montana Magazine’s article “Searching for Mindfulness in Montana” Joseph Shelton interviews Elaine about her favorite topic...meditation.

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“Elaine Huang helped me to go from surviving to thriving, which enabled me to step into the fullness of my being, that lead me to the embodiment of freedom…the greatest gift you could ever know.
Elaine is a universal treasure, groundbreaking spiritual healer, teacher and guide.”

Heather Carisch

“Elaine is a uniquely gifted teacher and spiritual mentor. Her consistent commitment to her personal and spiritual growth allows her to meet students and mentees at a depth that is healing and helpful.”

Longterm spiritual mentee and student

May you awaken and be free.

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