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Through a psychospiritual framework, I provide guidance, intuitive insight, and skillful support to help people thrive in times of change or challenge.
-Elaine Huang, Owner of Embodiment of Freedom


Elaine Huang is a highly regarded teacher, mentor, trainer and facilitator. She draws upon mindfulness practices, psychology, spiritual principles, and neuroscience to empower people with life-enhancing skills. Those who seek the services of Embodiment of Freedom (EOF) want peace, clarity and happiness as they navigate their professional and personal lives.

As a corporate facilitator with over two decades of experience, Elaine teaches mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills to leaders and their teams as organizations manage a time of great change. She is a Certified Search Inside Yourself Teacher and a Mindful Leadership Trainer. The first certification came from a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence leadership training program born out of Google. The second training was received through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She is currently co-facilitating leadership trainings for a Fortune 100 company.

Elaine has been a dedicated meditator and passionate teacher for over 25 years. In her thriving private practice, she mentors clients, facilitates illuminating online and in-person retreats, and meditation intensives. These events help participants reshape outdated tendencies in order to build a growing experience of everyday joy and inner peace.

The sincere hope of EOF is that increasing numbers of people feel more ease and happiness in their lives; recognize the ultimate truth of who we are; and embody more fully the freedom, peace and love that is possible for all of us.

“Elaine guided a meditation presentation for our on-site and remote employees as part of our quarterly wellness series. She was professional, prepared and did a phenomenal job presenting abstract material in a simple-to-understand way. She even stayed focused and unfazed by the loud construction noise coming from an adjacent office. Her calm demeanor and gentle voice create an environment that is conducive to relaxing and slowing down in a chaotic, fast-paced world. The feedback we have received from employees who attended this session has been overwhelmingly positive and shows me there was a real need for her services.

We are grateful for Elaine and hope to bring her back for future presentations!”

Hannah Edmiston
Employee Success Specialist
PFL - The Hybrid Experience Company

“You can know something intellectually, but until you can put it into practice, it can't help you.

Because of my background in occupational stress research, I was aware of some of the classic research on the health benefits of meditation. But it wasn't until I started to work with Elaine Huang that I was able to use the information to improve my life.

Elaine is an amazing combination of counselor, teacher and coach. She integrates scientific research, her expertise in psychology and spiritual wisdom in a way that speaks to the mind and heart.

Best of all, she then helps you put it into practive to improve your life. She's an exceptional teacher and mentor. With her support, I feel more able to cope with, savor and fully enjoy the ups and downs of my life."

Katherine Sanders, PhD
Work Systems & Human Factors Engineer

May you awaken and be free.

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